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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Hosted Trip Report, photos, and Video: Golden Dorado fishing at Pluma Lodge in the Bolivian Jungle

 I just returned from an incredible hosted trip to Pluma Lodge...truly an epic experience.  

My 2022 hosted trip to Untamed Angling's superb Pluma Lodge, on a remote tributary of the Amazon in the Bolivian rainforest, hunting for the mighty Golden Dorado. Sightfishing for Golden Dorado in the Secure River system is much like upstream sight fishing for trout in New favorite kind of angling. It's more like hunting, as you would for Permit, Tarpon, and bonefish in saltwater flats fishing, another one of my favorite angling venues. Golden Dorado are a spectacular fish in every way to a keen angler, holding attributes similar to the best game fish for the fly angler in the world. A Golden Dorado will charge down and absolutely attack and crush the fly like an aggressive striped bass, but can be weary and cagey like a permit. They can jump out of the water like a steelhead or tarpon, or run into the logs like a dirty big brown trout. They can hunt in solitude like a big single bonefish or permit, or hunt in groups and attack Sabalo in a bloody feeding frenzy like a Bluefish. This game is for keen anglers only. You need solid wading, casting, and angling skills to play this game, so maybe look at other venues if you are an angler who just enjoys water loading bobber rigs from a driftboat and have the guide row you into fish, this game is not for you. Nothing wrong with that, but don't come to the jungle if you cant double haul and hike. The jungle itself can be quite gnarly too, so you need to be somewhat fit and willing to deal with unforeseen circumstances that can happen in the remote, wild jungle.

I will be hosting another trip to Pluma in 2024, where we will be heli fishing for Dorado and Pacu...the permit of the Jungle. The chopper helps us access parts of the Secure River system that no man has ever been to, which is beyond cool. The Golden Dorado are a great excuse to get there, but the whole jungle experience alone is worth the trip. It is truly a trip of a lifetime. I only have ten spots available for this trip, with just two left.  Contact me to discuss any interest and if the trip is right for you.  Like all my trips, bead kooks need not apply.

Check out this highlight video I put together...

The water is truly wild and epic...

and the fish...

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